Parabola of Flight. (2021)

This series of images are a document of a ready made, short lived, work of art. However rather than photographing the exhibition, they are photographs that sparked the idea for a conceptual art piece using the ‘non-space’ car park as a gallery space to display the marks made within it. A document of an event that hasn’t yet happened of marks that are residue of the past. 

The marks are suspended ‘Inside the White Cube’ of a car park space. Almost defying gravity like the skateboarder, for a split second, before being brought back down to the ground. However all that is visible is the parabola of flight, not the decent. They are documents of multiple failed attempts to fly. These vandelous marks to me are melancholy but also beautiful as they suggest vast surrealist landscapes, similar to the works of Buddhist painters such as Ma Yuan.
This is art too. Another kind of art. If an artist is aspiring to make their gestures fly and be free of them and the skateboarder is also aspiring to fly and be free, isn’t it the same? The only thing that differentiates the two is that the skateboarder doesn’t leave a mark or a residue of their existence. But I have found their mark and I am trying to preserve it in the form of documentation. So making this car park space into a gallery space is forcing people to stop, look and appreciate the skateboarders mark as art in a space where they normally wouldn’t stop to look.

Untitled I (2021) 16x9 Inch archival giclee print.

Unitiled II (2021) 8x10 inch archival giclee print.

Unitiled III (2021) 8x10 inch archival giclee print.

Unitiled IV (2021) 10x8 inch archival giclee print.

Unitiled V (2021) 10x8 inch archival giclee print.

Unitiled VI (2021) 10x8 inch archival giclee print.

Unitiled VII (2021) 10x8 inch archival giclee print.

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